What is Person-Centred Therapy?

At the core of the Person-Centred Approach lies the belief that the client is the one who knows what hurts; this arises out of a deep respect for the person and the healing nature of both the therapeutic relationship and the counsellors unwavering trust in the client's ability to heal.

In an environment where the consellor consistently offers the client acceptance, understanding and genuineness, the therapeutic relationship develops, creating a safe, supportive environment for the healing process to begin.

What can counselling help with?

Counselling can help to change the way we see, think and feel about things and ourselves.

The sort of distress counselling can help with is usually called 'psychological' or 'emotional' distress and may include; Stress, Conflict at work or in the family home; Bereavement, Coping with poor health or Trauma.

Session FAQ


How much do sessions cost and how long do they last?

I offer day and evening appointments.

£45 - £55 for a 60 minute counselling session. I have a sliding scale and trust clients to pay what they can afford. 

£50 for a 60 minute supervision session. 

I have a limited number of consession spaces available at £30 per hr. Please ask if this would be useful for you.

There is a 24 hr cancelation notice period required or the full session fee is applicable.



How many sessions will I need?

We will discuss the number of sessions you may need before and during our work together. It may be that you only require a few sessions; alternatively we may continue to work over several weeks or months. It will all depend on your individual situation.


How often are the sessions?

Sessions are usually on a weekly basis.


What happens when we first meet?

I will do my best to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We can talk briefly about what you would like from therapy and any issues you may be bringing. We will agree the best time to meet each week and the cost of the sessions will be agreed.



 Office Addresses:

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